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Release notes

Version 1.1 (released September 2023)

  • FAQs added - admin portal supports editing/adding of relevant FAQs.
  • Manufacturing keywords (sort) added - Each company has relevant manufacturing keywords assigned to them, default sort prioritises companies with more keywords in their website text.
  • Improved company capabilities.
  • Added the ability to change from ALL capabilities to ANY capabilities.
  • Map of per company locations added to company profile page.
  • Improved loading time of Visualise page.
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • Company details can now be edited on company profile page.
  • Fixed formatting of currency data in the Visualise page.
  • Improved geographical boundaries - Updated cities to consists of UK functional urban areas (FUA) as defined by the OECD. An FUA is composed of a core city and its commuting zone.
  • Improved tooltips.
  • Enhanced Classification: We've updated our criteria to ensure that each company meets a minimum threshold for manufacturing-related keywords.

Version 1.0 (released March 2023)

  • Over 300,000 companies with websites available.
  • A wide range of filters including over 150 Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs), Sectors, Locations, Financials, etc.
  • Instant website text filtering. Combining a keyword search with other filters is particularly powerful.
  • Company capabilities. Over 300 ways to filter individual company capabilities.
  • Company claiming. Users can claim a company through automatic approval or manual approval (depending on information provided).
  • Company editing. Once claimed, users can edit specific fields including Turnover, Number of employees, emails etc.
  • Ability to request a download of each list.
  • Contact information. Company contact information available (where applicable).